You've taken the risk of your life on an idea. One that can change a market and change lives.

We believe the most ambitious founders seek out the smartest capital. Smart capital is more than the money to get you started. To realise your vision you need to tap into a global network of the right Advisors and overcome the challenges you'll face in the fastest possible time. You need to put yourself in a position to have your choice of Talent, Advisors and Investors, wherever they are across the globe. At Seedcamp, we are that catalyst. We are your first round of smart capital.

The Seedcamp Team

Our founders say...

"Seedcamp was an invaluable stepping stone for TransferWise – it gave us the foundations to build the company we are today. From just a few people around a computer; today we’re over 300 people in four countries. For any startup looking to build something truly awesome, Seedcamp is the place to start." by Taavet Hinrikus & Kristo Käärmann

Seedcamp is Your First Round Fund

We invest our Network, Learning, and Capital based on the needs of our Founders, providing the platform to enable you to scale. In eight years we’ve backed almost 200 companies with one unicorn and 91% having raised further funding to a tune of $350M. We usually invest in one of three ways:

Some of our recent successes