Please take the time to read this page before completing your application to Seedcamp Week, the link to the application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can find more details about our process, our investment deal and answers to frequently asked questions elsewhere on our website. You can also contact us if you have any remaining questions.

What we’re looking for

We are interested in businesses that can build great products in a lean and capital efficient way. If you are a product led founder team with big ambitions, Seedcamp is right for you. We primarily select teams that have an international outlook, and are focusing on real world problems that are solved in novel ways – this can be through the smart application of technology, a reconfiguration of existing processes, or other disruptive or innovative ways. Check out the companies we have already invested in to get a feeling for what we like.

Most teams that come to Seedcamp have at least a first prototype ready that we can play with when they apply, some teams are live with their applications and make revenue, most applicants are somewhere in between. Each company will derive different benefits from taking part, and you will probably have a unique set of circumstances that make you apply.

How to apply

Applications for a Seedcamp Week event are only accepted if submitted through the Seedcamp online application form before the deadline, the link to this form can be found at the bottom of this page. The questions are designed to find out as much as possible about you and the company that you are building. Please make sure we can look at the product without logging in – an obscure link is always better than a link/password combination.

Make sure to show what you have already built and achieved – this is the best way for us to understand how you think about your product, the problem you are solving, and how you understand your customers. Keep your answers short and insightful – please do not copy and paste your entire business plan, but make sure you answer the questions asked.

Judging and selection

Seedcamp’s investors and the Seedcamp team review each application on factors such as the makeup and background of the team, the market opportunity of the problem you’re working on, the progress you’ve already made and the overall impression of what you are building. During this process we may contact you by email or phone to request additional information about your company. 20 teams will be selected and invited to attend the event. A number of runner-up teams will also be selected who may receive a place if one of the initial selection are unable to attend. You can expect to be notified of a decision about two weeks after the application deadline.

Confirmation of participation

Once the teams are selected, we will ask you to sign a standard Participation Letter which reflects the agreement to the Seedcamp terms and conditions to make sure that you understand what Seedcamp’s investment offer looks like and what your responsibilities are when attending the event. This needs to be signed by the co-founders and existing shareholders. To avoid delays if an invitation is extended, please make sure that you understand and agree to these terms before submitting your application. Seedcamp’s standard investment is €50,000 for 8 to 10% of the company but we also have other structures to accommodate companies that join us at different stages.

Preparing for the event

We will announce the selected teams publicly a few days before the event and we will coordinate our efforts with you to gain as much exposure as possible for your company. We will also set up a call with all the teams to discuss details about the event – this is often helpful to clear up remaining questions. You will be expected to prepare a 3 minute presentation about your company for the event which we will hone with you the day before the event. You will also receive the full list of mentors attending the event so that you can research who you wish to meet with.

The Seedcamp event

For the selected teams, the event will be is spread over three days. Please make sure you are available at the location of the event for the full three days. We will tell you more about the exact whereabouts and processes in the run up to the event.

After the event

We will inform you of the final investment decision a few days after the investment committee. Winners will be sent the final investment documents and, once complete, receive the investment, Founder’s Pack and are invited to join us in London for 3 months at Google Campus.

Sounds interesting?

Apply now!