Blobr raises €1.2m to empower companies to customise and monetise APIs

You’ve heard it before — data is the new oil. Getting a handle of your data as a company is not just a nice feature or add-on to your business model; it has become an essential ingredient to a startup’s growth. But how exactly can companies monetise sharing their data? Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs for short, have been labelled the next big SaaS wave with the sheer number of APIs in the world growing at a staggering pace. Many companies we interact with day-to-day now offer an API as a product for their services and share data with partners and customers. APIs are the pipes enabling the monetisation and sharing of data between companies. It is a critical part for the data economy; unfortunately, no one has been taking care of them as products. Paris-based Blobr is out to solve that. Blobr is the business and product layer for APIs. With its no-code solution, it is removing the requirement of extensive tech knowledge to share and monetize APIs.

Co-founders of Blobr: CTO Alexandre Mai (left), CEO Alexandre Airvault (right)

We’re excited to back Blobr in a €1.2m pre-seed round alongside an amazing group of angels to democratise how data is exchanged between companies. When we met Alexandre Airvault & Alexandre Mai, we were struck by their experience in this space. They combine decades of experience in handling data for big banks and the monetisation of software for international organizations. The Blobr platform, already in use by companies like Axeptio, is available via monthly subscription. It helps business owners customize one unique API into multiple customized packages, monitor the usage through analytics, and monetize them through a seamless Stripe connection, without any coding skills. 

“The API economy is growing rapidly with more and more businesses monetising their data via APIs. However, too often does API customisation remain limited to developers in the organisation,” notes Partner Sia Houchangnia, “Blobr’s vision of a no-code platform, allowing business and product people to customise and monetise APIs, immediately clicked with us. At Seedcamp we always look for a great team with a compelling vision. With Alex and Alex, we are convinced we have found both. They perfectly understand the business and technical considerations behind APIs matched with an impressive rate of execution and deep clarity of thought in terms of what they are setting out to achieve.”

The team will be using the seed funding to accelerate the expansion of its no-code technology to further expose and monetize data through APIs.

“Our ambition is to democratize how data is exchanged between companies breaking down silos and enabling a lot of innovative use cases making the world smarter and more efficient,” comments CEO Alexandre Airvault. ”With Blobr, we give superpowers to product and business people to share and monetize data the way they want, instantly.”

Want to change the way your team views and monetise your APIs? Learn more about Blobr here.

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