Going East again – Seedcamp Ljubljana

Slovenia is one of the statistically overrepresented countries in our portfolio – despite having only about 2 million inhabitants, we see a large number of applications for almost all Seedcamp events coming from there. By adding vox.io as a second Slovenian portfolio company in January, we also made sure our now partially New York based […]

How has Seedcamp done? 3.5 years of the Seedcamp Story!

I keep meaning to write a post and share insight on the FAQ of Seedcamp results. It is difficult to distill 3.5 years of hard work and hundreds of relationships built, but we have been keeping quiet too long. We’ve done surveys, analyzed the status of the 500+ mentored companies across the 34 Seedcamp events, […]

Founders Sponsors commit £50k in value for Seedcamp companies

We are extremely excited to present the Founders Sponsors at Seedcamp. As much as we strive to find the hottest startups across Europe and beyond, we work just has hard to support them also. We want to take this opportunity to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of our incredibly kind and generous […]

Forbes on Seedcamp

Forbes recently published an interesting article titled Seedcamp: a global answer to Y Combinator. It was well received by the start-up community and shines a light on our mission of building a better entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe and beyond. This quote precisely sums up what we strive and work for: “I also just really enjoy working with […]

Seedcamp continues to grow: our new General Manager Kirsten

We are more than fortunate to have added a new member to our team – Kirsten Campbell has joined us as a General Manager a few weeks ago and we are happy to introduce her to the community. She will handle a lot of our work with the community and she will be another point […]

Facebook and Seedcamp partner to help build the next generation of social apps in Europe

One of the big value adds of Seedcamp is the relationships with Corporate mentors that begin during the Mini Seedcamp events, continue over Seedcamp Week, and progress through the 3 months of mentorship support, which includes the 2-week US roadshow that just culminated. Since our recent visit in the Valley in March to the Facebook […]