The idea for seedhack

We at seedcamp love building things and we love entrepreneurship. We all love that feeling you get early in a project when you realize you’re onto a good idea and you feverishly work on it until you ‘carve’ your first iteration.   Hackathons are great fun and can lead to many cool companies being formed and created as a […]

Alles Neu macht der Mai

Besides travelling all over the place to places like Berlin, Stockholm, and now New York City, lots of action is going on back in London, where our home is.   We put the entrepreneurs front and centre, which is why we try to reach so many different geographies, looking for the best startups all over […]

We are looking for Interns!

Do you want to work with Europe’s most exciting startups? NOTE: We have closed the applications for our Fall/Winter Internship. Please follow our Twitter or Facebook updates to hear about new opportunities. Seedcamp is Europe’s leading micro-seed investment fund and mentoring program. Since launching in 2007, our family now includes 70 of Europe’s most promising startups with several acquisitions […]

Seedcamp New York – the participating companies

Preparations for Mini Seedcamp New York are going strong at Seedcamp HQ – we’re thrilled to announce the teams that will be presenting their products and companies next week at Google’s NY offices. We received awesome applications from literally all over the world – and are proud to include some US based companies int the final […]

Seedcamp grows and grows; we have two more great founding teams joining our family.

The entrepreneurial buzz in Europe seems to be at an all time high: we are happy to see applications to our events steadily rising and the quality of mentors just keeps getting better. What comes first – great mentors or exciting startups? Whatever the answer is, we’re seeing lots of both at the moment, which is […]

Going East again – Seedcamp Ljubljana

Slovenia is one of the statistically overrepresented countries in our portfolio – despite having only about 2 million inhabitants, we see a large number of applications for almost all Seedcamp events coming from there. By adding as a second Slovenian portfolio company in January, we also made sure our now partially New York based […]

How has Seedcamp done? 3.5 years of the Seedcamp Story!

I keep meaning to write a post and share insight on the FAQ of Seedcamp results. It is difficult to distill 3.5 years of hard work and hundreds of relationships built, but we have been keeping quiet too long. We’ve done surveys, analyzed the status of the 500+ mentored companies across the 34 Seedcamp events, […]

Founders Sponsors commit £50k in value for Seedcamp companies

We are extremely excited to present the Founders Sponsors at Seedcamp. As much as we strive to find the hottest startups across Europe and beyond, we work just has hard to support them also. We want to take this opportunity to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of our incredibly kind and generous […]

Seedcamp New York – apply to meet these awesome mentors

As we are gearing up for New York, we are time and time again impressed by the great mentors in our network. Seedcamp is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to speak to people they would otherwise not be able to meet, and we are working hard to get the right people on board. The view from Google’s NY […]

Five Points to Consider before Expanding Internationally

Below is another great guest blog from Jane Hatton Finette of Elektronauten. I have also included her background at the end of the blogpost. Expanding an Internet business further into Europe can reap huge rewards – 680 million potential customers, a secure and stable business infrastructure and some of the richest nations of the world […]