Our Values

At Seedcamp, we’re a family, and like all families, we have a set of values we do our best to live up to.

1. Think ‘Founders First’ – Our founders are our family, treat them as such.
2. Be transparent – When in doubt, put all your cards on the table.
3. Have a coaching mentality – Approach situations with a mindset of being open to learning or in helping others to learn.
4. Our community is important – Wherever possible, bring people together that can help each other.
5. Give wherever possible – Whether it simply be your time, empathy, or knowledge, give wherever possible.
6. Results matter – Efforts are nice, but what matters in the end is whether you shipped what you said you would.
7. Communicate often – Err on the side of letting people know what is on your mind. Isolation costs everyone time if you take a wrong turn.
8. Don’t be afraid to screw up – Just admit you did, what you learned from it, and for goodness sake’s don’t do it again.
9. Get to the point, and do things expeditiously – Assess issues swiftly, be efficient in communicating, take action quickly wherever possible, but do not compromise on quality.
10. Keep things fun – take your duties seriously, and don’t be afraid to have fun & be yourself.