Over 260 completed Seedcamp applications from over 40 countries

Thanks to everyone who applied. We’ve been really overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and energy behind all of your applications. So firstly, I wanted to say thank you all so much.

If we’ve proved only one thing so far, it’s that there is massive untapped energy in Europe (and beyond) for creating great businesses. This year is just the beginning – so keep it up :)

In terms of the numbers – we’ve received over 260 completed applications and now our panel of judges will be working hard to whittle this list down to 20 teams that we’ll be inviting to join us and a network of killer mentors in London from September 3rd-7th.

We’ve had applications from at least 40 countries around the world, including: Uruguay, Finland, Russia, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, UAE, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, Croatia, Malaysia, Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Ecuador, India, Latvia, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Norway, Belgium, China, Argentina, Bulgaria, the UK and even the good old USA.

Wow. If we’d didn’t accept that the web is no longer a US, English speaking medium – we should now. Thanks so much to the Opencoffee hosts in over 60 cities round the world and our Facebook group for spreading the word – entrepreneurship is alive and well, even outside Silicon Valley :)

Please keep talking to us and letting us know what you’d like to see at Seedcamp week and remember this is just the first year — we have lots of plans for what we’d like to do next year and going forward, so we’d like to know how we can improve Seedcamp and Opencoffee.

In the meantime, keep making videos and writing songs — we love them — and thanks again for all your hard work applying. We look forward to meeting some of you soon and be as helpful to eveyone in starting their new ventures as possible.


  1. We hope you guys make the right choices, this does seem to be a great thing about to happen and with the right startups, it will be even better and more interesting than the days waiting for a call or email.

    We have the drive, ability, and most of all we have the love! lol

    Robert Mena

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff. Congrats. I’m looking forward to be part of it.


    The Next Web Conference

  3. Hi, it’s good to see so big traffic in “good old Europe” :-)

    Good luck for all competitors!

  4. Did you release the complete list of 260 entries. I’m curious to know the ones from India. With 437m internet users from Asia, oh it hurts to see that not one is in your 20 list. btw, it appeared to me that you would be promoting only Europeans (your home page, Saul Klein @ http://localglobe.blogspot.com/2007/02/y-europe-can-seed-growth-of-its-new.html, and so many other refs)

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