Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 83: Retail Week – Julian Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO, Khunu

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In the ‘Seedcamp Podcast Series’ we talk with key people in the tech startup industry to hear their stories, key advice and learnings from their experiences.

This episode, it’s a special on retail!

This week we’re sharing a short series for anyone who’s ever wanted the inspiration, knowledge and insight into what it’s like to build a retail business online.

In this first episode, Carlos was joined by Julian Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Khunu, earlier this year to hear his story. Julian shares his experience in building a retail business in a fast-paced environment, with no prior experience. From the initial concept to finding product-market fit, and finding the talent to scale and the future of the business, you can find it all in this episode.

Khunu is a social venture and specialty apparel company driven by a social purpose – to empower communities at the heart of its supply chain. It creates premium yak wool apparel and accessories for men and women from community-sourced yak wool in Tibet and Mongolia.

Julian began his career as an army officer before spending a decade in financial communications. Three years after setting up the China office of a global financial communications firm, his career took an unplanned turn after a trip to the Tibetan plateau inspired him to start Khunu, the first international brand to focus on making apparel using yak wool sourced from nomadic herders. Khunu is representative of a new breed of consumer brands that see making money and doing good as complimentary objectives, and Julian is a great believer that for-profit businesses can increasingly help solve social issues.




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