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Growth and Traction for Fundraising

Seedcamp Partner, Carlos Espinal, has written this piece focusing on how to show growth and traction for early-stage startups looking for investment, with key contributions from our Experts in Residence Scott Sage and Keith Wallington, and Jeff Lynn, CEO of Seedrs. As an early-stage startup trying to fundraise, you’ll likely have to tell a version […]

Deciphering Crowdfunding For Startups

This article is written by Carlos Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp and was originally published at TheDrawingBoard. One of the options that founders are reminded of more and more above and beyond VC and Angel funding, is Crowdfunding via online platforms such as Kickstarter, AngelList, and Seedrs (to name a few). However, these platforms are not all the same and in […]

10 Top Fundraising Fails

This article was first presented at Google Campus July 11th 2014 and appears on Netocratic. Fundraising isn’t easy, even if done well, its fraught with all sorts of ambiguity and frustrations. To that very point, I recently wrote a blog post about the fundraising mindset in order to help you set a tone on approaching the process. That […]

Having a Fundraising Mindset

Originally posted on By Carlos Eduardo Espinal Fundraising is not easy. It is one of the most frustrating and time draining activities you as a founder will have to do as part of your company’s growth strategy. Unless you are really lucky and investors come to you, it will likely involve taking many meetings with […]

Be Nimble: Keeping Milestone Optionality

By Carlos Eduardo Espinal Identifying milestones for your company’s development is beneficial for an early stage startup for many reasons: the first is that planning milestones allow you to focus what you will be working on, secondly the process of identifying and planning them make you question when and in what order you and your […]

Investment – Are You in Danger of Raising a Toxic Investment Round?

by Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee Fundraising for an early stage technology startup is always a challenge. You have to navigate many meetings with potential investors and hopefully reach agreements that make everyone happy so you can continue to work in good faith after the negotiations are over. However, in some cases, after the dust has settled in […]

Watch Carlos Espinal in an episode of Silicon Real

Watch Carlos Espinal in an episode of Silicon Real. Carlos shares some insights about being part of Seedcamp, and talks about acceleration of startups.    

The Basics, Pros & Cons, Points to Consider, and The Modelling of Convertible Notes

Written by Carlos Eduardo Espinal [@cee] & Special thanks to Dale Huxford from Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP for edits and additional legal review. UPDATED (Nov 11, 2013) – Notes added on: Conversion Triggers section & attached Cap Table in folder updated to v2 to fix some bugs. The “Convertible Note” gets lots of attention in […]

7 reasons for entrepreneurs to avoid tranched investments

Originally published on Venturebeat on April 3, 2013 3:44 PM by Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee 7 reasons for entrepreneurs to avoid tranched investments Investments, like the ocean, can come in waves, but that doesn’t mean they should. A “tranched investment” is an investment that is split into one or more parts. In order for the company […]

What Tier is your Investor (or what to look for in an Investor)?

by Carlos Eduardo Espinal  Twitter – @cee Blog – One question that I often get from founders is what ‘tier’ a prospective investor is. As in, what differentiates their prospective investor over another as ‘better’ or ‘worse’, relatively speaking, and on what basis. Just to clarify, although there is no formal ‘ranking system’ for the […]