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Growth and Traction for Fundraising

Seedcamp Partner, Carlos Espinal, has written this piece focusing on how to show growth and traction for early-stage startups looking for investment, with key contributions from our Experts in Residence Scott Sage and Keith Wallington, and Jeff Lynn, CEO of Seedrs. As an early-stage startup trying to fundraise, you’ll likely have to tell a version […]

7 Twitter Power-Plays For Rapidly Expanding Startups

This guest post is written by Andy Vale, Content Manager of SocialBro – an advanced Twitter marketing platform that offers end-to-end campaign management. SocialBro joined Seedcamp in November 2011. In this article, Andy looks at the role Twitter can play in helping rapid-growth startups. As a lightning fast, public communication channel, Twitter in the hands of a smart […]

Your Customer, Positioning & Finding Product Market Fit

This guest post is written by Stuart Logan, Co-founder & CEO of Clowdy, a platform that gives creatives an identity to start their career and the network to grow. Clowdy joined Seedcamp in early 2015 and have been attending our Academy learning sessions. In this article, Stuart shares his learnings from a recent workshop. During Onboarding Week we were lucky enough to have […]

The 3 P’s That You Need to Build a Kick-ass Brand!

This guest post is written by Joaquin Figaredo, Co-founder & CEO of HOKO, a deep-linking platform for mobile apps that allows apps to connect smoothly. HOKO joined Seedcamp in early 2015 and have been attending our Academy learning sessions. In this article, Joaquin shares his learnings from a recent Branding workshop. I recently had the privilege of attending a Seedcamp Academy session hosted by […]

When Does it Make Sense to Hire a PR Agency?

This guest post is written by Liam Fay-Fright, CEO and Founder of Common Industry and formerly Director of Communications at iconic agency Mother and Head of Communications at D&AD. In 2012 Liam was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s top 30 young marketeers. In this article Liam addresses a common question we hear at Seedcamp – “Should […]

Understanding The Vision in a “Visionary Founder”

Originally published by TheNextWeb on Feb 19th, 2014 by Carlos Eduardo Espinal | @cee “If you have visions, you should go see a doctor” – Helmut Schmidt, one of the most admired German chancellors Because I know how confusing and frustrating the fund-raising process can be for a founder, one of the topics I like exploring is […]

Why startups need to constantly communicate with their customers

Originally published on Oct 17, 2013 on TNW by Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee A lot of entrepreneurs talk about optimizing their products so they run faster, look better, go viral – but it’s important to remember that none of this can happen unless you are constantly getting feedback from your most valuable asset: Your customers. During Seedcamp’s […]

What’s Your Real Customer Acquisition Cost?

by Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee A big thank you to Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital and Juan Cartagena of Traity for feedback and editorial review. Just as driving with your eyes closed is dangerous to your health, so is acquiring customers without knowing what it costs you to acquire them. Both can lead to disastrous outcomes. Whilst acquiring new customers is always […]

The Product Market Fit Cycle

The Product Market Fit Cycle by Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee Product / Market fit can be loosely defined as the point in time when your product has evolved to the point that a market segment finds it attractive so that you can grow your product / company scalably. In many ways, finding Product Market fit […]

On Growth, Virality Loops, and Customer Acquisition

by Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee On Growth, Virality Loops, and Customer Acquisition Everyone loves a personality test. Whether for fun, or to better asses our skills as part of choosing a career, we all love hearing about how others perceive us, how we function, and how we are likely to react in situations. We are […]