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How to Prioritise Like a Pro

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This guest post is written by Taylor Wescoatt, COO of eMoov. He is the Former VP of Product at Timeout and Head of Payments & Incubation at eBay. Taylor has extensive experience building startups and is focused on Product, Technology and Operational scaling. Here, he offers an efficient and stress-relieving solution to a common startup problem; how to prioritise opportunities when team-members […]

Market Validation is Your Route to Success

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All Seedcamp companies can use SecureDocs at no cost for up to 6 months as part of the Seedcamp Founders’ Pack while raising their first institutional round of funding Series A.  Market Validation is Your Route to Success At a recent Seedcamp Academy Day we focused on the importance of market validation to reduce risk, […]

Seedcamp AMA on Reddit

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2 hours, 92 comments, 100 duck-sized horses and one piece of gold. It could only be a Reddit AMA. On July 23rd Carlos answered questions about Seedcamp, our investment process, and the startup scene in general yesterday on Reddit in their ‘ask me anything’ section. It was a lot of fun but it also uncovered […]

10 Top Fundraising Fails


This article was first presented at Google Campus July 11th 2014 and appears on Netocratic. Fundraising isn’t easy, even if done well, its fraught with all sorts of ambiguity and frustrations. To that very point, I recently wrote a blog post about the fundraising mindset in order to help you set a tone on approaching the process. That […]

The Perfect Team Slide & Why It Matters


This article originally appeared on Netocratic on July 2nd 2014. When an investors considers your company for investment at the earliest stages, who you are is so much more important than your idea. Your team is such a crucial part of your company’s success, and yet many teams omit their team slide or bludgeon it because they don’t […]

Having a Fundraising Mindset

Originally posted on By Carlos Eduardo Espinal Fundraising is not easy. It is one of the most frustrating and time draining activities you as a founder will have to do as part of your company’s growth strategy. Unless you are really lucky and investors come to you, it will likely involve taking many meetings with […]

Be Nimble: Keeping Milestone Optionality


By Carlos Eduardo Espinal Identifying milestones for your company’s development is beneficial for an early stage startup for many reasons: the first is that planning milestones allow you to focus what you will be working on, secondly the process of identifying and planning them make you question when and in what order you and your […]

Understanding The Vision in a “Visionary Founder”

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Originally published by TheNextWeb on Feb 19th, 2014 by Carlos Eduardo Espinal | @cee “If you have visions, you should go see a doctor” - Helmut Schmidt, one of the most admired German chancellors Because I know how confusing and frustrating the fund-raising process can be for a founder, one of the topics I like exploring is […]

Investment – Are You in Danger of Raising a Toxic Investment Round?


by Carlos Eduardo Espinal @cee Fundraising for an early stage technology startup is always a challenge. You have to navigate many meetings with potential investors and hopefully reach agreements that make everyone happy so you can continue to work in good faith after the negotiations are over. However, in some cases, after the dust has settled in […]

Model Equity Calculator for Founders with Option Pool Expansion

SeedCamp’s hackathon, Seedhack, took place at Google Campus, London, on the 8th to 10th of November. It brought together some of the brightest talent in the startup community from 15 countries with one of the best accelerator programs in the world and mashed it up with awesome content providers like Twitter, Facebook, BSkyB, BBC, Getty, […]