Seedhack FinTech

We started Seedhack with a simple question. If we combined top-notch hackers with leaders from different industries, would we see the creation of innovative solutions for organizations or sectors that desperately need them? Could this format help foster great new startups that address untapped needs? Well, we tried it, and it did… you can read about how it went here.


Thanks to our sponsors Paypal, and 10gen we are now getting ready to release the next version of Seedhack with new features and a new focus: Financial Technology, and we are excited to have it take place at Google’s new startup-purpose-built Campus facility in East London. We expect to be blown away by the awesome ideas and solutions hacked together for the Financial industry. We have over one hundred developers signed up already and we have a great set of relevant speakers and mentors including:


And API presenters that will showcase their technology and for you to potentially integrate into new ideas:
Lastly, although Seedhack isn’t about prizes, but about coming together to solve meaningful problems, there is a small Prize – the five top teams will get to present at Innovation Playground Conference with over 100 FinTech corps present.
If you have’t applied yet, it isn’t too late.. please go here.
Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you there!
The schedule of events is as follows:


  • 7pm social drinks for registered attendees – Campus


  • 5.30pm - registration
  • 6pm – keynote speech, API fireside chats, idea presentation and team formation
  • 8.15pm – lean canvas session and hacking commences
  • 8.30am hacking
  • mentors on site


  • 8.30am hacking
  • 3pm final idea presentations


  1. Is it possible to form a team remotely for the FinTech w/e? We’ve got a team, but none of us can make it along for long tonight.


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