€75k for 7% – Our Structured Equity Deal

Since 2007, our traditional investments have been made at the earliest stages of a company’s development, sometimes called ‘pre-seed’. Where a small team of brilliant ambitious Founders with a great idea recognised the value that Seedcamp’s brand, expertise, and network could deliver. We are the closest thing to a Founder you can get. We are not a short-term program, and we don’t charge you. We are with you for life, not just your first three months.

In terms of how to join us, typically we hold our review process in four groups of teams per year, which lets everyone benefit from the full Platform. This gives you the maximum exposure to Experts and Investors, and helps you to build your network with your fellow Founders.

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Our investment structure is via a simple convertible note modelled after the well-used seedsummit documents available free online. We also reserve additional capital to invest in your company as necessary in the future.

You can also learn more about frequently asked questions.

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