3% via our Structured Warrant

Founders who have already raised capital and are seeing some traction but are looking for that last critical lever to reach their Seed or Series A stage fundraise, can benefit in a big way from the Seedcamp platform through a 3% Warrant.

The Warrant works similar to how you grant options to an Advisor, but as we are an institutional Investor not an Advisor, we purchase a Warrant in your business. By allowing us to be part of your company via the Warrant option, you get full access to the Seedcamp Platform like all your peers.

For more information on the Seedcamp Platform – click here

Whilst we can make decisions on Warrant investments throughout the year, typically they are part of our quarterly investment discussions with groups of companies. Like our 7% for €75k investment, which lets everyone benefit from the Seedcamp Programme and our Seedcamp Week events in London and Berlin. This gives you the maximum exposure to Experts and Investors, and helps you build your network with your fellow Founders.

The upcoming application deadlines will be shared here when set.

You can also learn more about frequently asked questions.

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