Understanding Product: Resources for Startups

The following resources were created by Taylor Wescoatt, one of Seedcamp’s Experts-in-Residence. Follow Taylor on Twitter @twescoatt. In my role as an Expert-in-Residence for Seedcamp, one of the main objectives of my job is to advise our companies on ‘Product’ thinking. It’s core to achieving Product-Market-Fit, and as with all our programmes at Seedcamp, we try to […]

Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 68: Keith Wallington, EIR at Seedcamp, lessons in scaling operations

In the ‘Seedcamp Podcast Series’ we talk with key people in the tech startup industry to hear their stories and gleam key advice and learnings from their experiences. Keith Wallington, Expert in Residence for Seedcamp and ex-Chief Group Officer of Mimecast, joins Carlos for this Podcast to explore key lessons based on his experience helping to […]

The VC Long View: Scott Sage (EIR, Seedcamp)

The VC Long View is a regular series of posts where Seedcamp talks to our network of investors on the trends their following and the ideas they’d like to back. In this post, we talk to Scott Sage. Scott is an early stage VC and angel investor that works with founders in Europe and is […]

Seedcamp assembles the A-Team: brings in experts as part of its Platform

If you’ve been around the Seedcamp office lately you’ll have noticed more than a few new faces joining us. Over the past few months we’ve tripled our team in a commitment to provide the best expertise and support to our growing portfolio. This is part of our lifelong Seedcamp Platform as the go to First Round […]