This Much I Know: LocalGlobe’s Robin Klein on founder-market fit and the future of European venture

Robin Klein is one of the true pioneers of Europe’s venture scene: as cofounder of The Accelerator Group (TAG) in 1995, and an early stage investor in the likes of Transferwise,,, Love Film and Agent Provocateur, he has catalysed the success for some of London’s most impactful private businesses over the past two […]

This Much I Know: Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Editor at Large, on batting for the entrepreneur in European journalism

The attitude of the British mainstream press when covering technology companies is often one of ‘risk and scepticism’, says TechCrunch Editor at Large Mike Butcher. But what if instead of predicting failure or projecting concern journalists took a more positive view of technology entrepreneurship? Speaking to Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal, Mike explains how TechCrunch’s policy […]

Breaking the taboo on investor returns

Fund 1 ranks in top quartile as “tsunami” of exits and money raised by Seedcamp companies in 2016 contributes to our most successful year As the pioneers of early-stage investment in Europe and the first fund of its kind when we launched in 2007, we want to break the taboo on publication of early-stage investor returns by revealing […]

Sharpen your Pencils

Ivan Farneti, Expert in Residence for Seedcamp and long time venture investor, has shared his thoughts on a recent article published by the New York Times, looking at how European startups, like the US, are beginning to feel the pinch, with lower valuations and new capital becoming harder to come by. The New York Times […]

Seedcamp Week Berlin: Applications are OPEN

Between the 1st and 3rd of December, Germany’s vibrant capital city will host Seedcamp Week for the fourth time. And we’re thrilled – Berlin has been a well-known hub of creativity for decades, and in the last couple of years there’s been a huge boom in its tech startup scene. Entrepreneurs from all over Europe are increasingly considering Berlin […]

Who’s Attending Seedcamp Week?

Four times a year we host our Seedcamp Week, twice in London and twice in Berlin. The application process is competitive; throughout the year we receive 3000 applications from 70 countries. We invest in 25-30 startups per year, meaning only one percent of applications get investment. However, don’t let this put you off as during each […]

Breaking into the Piggy Bank: Focus on FinTech

As there is not much time left to apply for Seedcamp Week London (applications close 17th August) we’ve decided to take stock and look at our current Seedcamp family. We gave an overview of the numbers behind Seedcamp in our most recent infographic but this time we wanted to focus on a few areas in particular. Let’s crunch […]

New Teams Joining our Seedcamp Family: 100+ Strong

Seedcamp weeks are always a crucial time for Seedcamp: besides uniting Europe’s most important entrepreneurs, investors, and tech community, it’s also when we traditionally invest in a new batch of Seedcamp companies. Additionally, this year we’ve gone from just one to now four Seedcamp Weeks per year (2 each in Berlin and London). Last Monday, […]

Why European Startups Are Choosing New York Over Silicon Valley

  Originally Posted on The Next Web.   Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Carlos Eduardo Espinal and Scott Sage. Carlos is a Partner at Seedcamp, an early stage mentoring and investment program based in Europe. Scott is an Associate at DFJ Esprit, a leading cross-stage venture capital firm that invests from seed to late stage in European technology and media […]

Seedsummit Termsheet Initiative

Raising funds for a new startup can seem like an overwhelming effort for a new entrepreneur largely due to the time, cost, and lack of transparency in the process. The fact that most entrepreneurs only go through this process a few times in their career adds to the challenge: after all, the investor usually knows […]