This Much I Know: Building Trust Online with Husayn Kassai of Onfido and Philipp Man of CHRONEXT

Online transactions occur behind a veil of digital anonymity. As a result it is not always possible to ensure a person is who they claim to be. For many startups the problem of trust is even more pronounced, with early stage companies lacking the credibility or reputation of established competitors. So how do you build […]

Seedcamp Podcast: Tresor Security on Cybersecurity, Mr Robot & how startups can stay safe online

As the UK government lays out plans to invest an additional £1.9bn to reduce cyber-attacks, and pressure mounts on US presidential candidates to prioritise cybersecurity, the world’s attention is focused on how to stay protected online. In this week’s Seedcamp podcast, Carlos is joined by Jamie Akhtar and Mariella Thanner, founders of cybersecurity firm Tresor Security, for […]

Cymmetria Exits Stealth, Having Raised a Seed Round with Seedcamp & others


  We’re exited to announce that Cymmetria – the cyber security startup providing smart defences targeted against determined attackers – has exited stealth and is part of the Seedcamp family. Seedcamp participated in an earlier round along-side Felicis Ventures, Y Combinator and a select group of other angel investors. As well as receiving our investment, Cymmetria receives full […]