Dave Haynes


Investment Team

Day to day role:

Developing relationships with organisations, partners, mentors and individuals that will add value to Seedcamp and its portfolio. Providing and sourcing expertise for Academy and the startups participating in Seedcamp across Europe. Also responsible for Seedhack.

More about Dave:

With an entrepreneurial background in music and tech, Dave is now focused on helping other startups. Dave was one of the earliest hires at SoundCloud and having seen the company grow for five years, decided to go back to startup life. Most recently Dave was heading up business development and growth at startup studio Makeshift, helping turn multiple products into fully-fledged businesses. Dave also setup Music Hack Day and is passionate about connecting people, ideas and technology. When not at work you’ll find him playing Lego or Minecraft with his two young sons or travelling to new cities to find good places to run.

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Role: Business Development

Twitter: haynes_dave

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/haynesdave