David Mytton

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I was the Co-Founder and CEO at Server Density, a London based SaaS infrastructure monitoring startup founded in 2009. I built the original version of Server Density, including the open source monitoring agent and custom time series database used by 700+ customers to manage mission-critical IT environments. I grew the company in the UK and US through bootstrapped revenue and subsequent VC funding through to exit in 2018 to a US cybersecurity business, StackPath. As part of the acquisition, I joined an organisation of 300+ people to lead Product Engineering across a suite of security products generating $200m in revenue from over 1 million customers worldwide.

Whether it is finding that first engineering hire, scaling processes for product development, building a B2B2D developer community or figuring out to deploy high availability cloud systems, I'm probably able to help, or put you in touch with someone who can.