Ioana Craescu


Office & Events Manager

Day to day role:

I am the point of contact for details regarding the events we run or attend and Seedcamp applications. I work closely with internal and external stakeholders, making sure everything runs smoothy on the administrative and operational side of our events.

More about Ioana:

Ioana’s background is a mix of branding, graphic design and event coordination. Prior to coming to London mid-2014, Ioana was the marketing and communications person for a Mancunian startup helping brands profile their customer’s personalities, emotions and behaviours through music.

Ioana also enjoyed more than 2 years coordinating bespoke events in Wales and Cheshire. Graduating MSc in International Creative Advertising at Manchester Business School rounded up the BA studies in Journalism. While she is not buried in the email thread, Ioana enjoys traveling (with a camera at hand) and jazz nights.

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Role: Office & Events Manager

Twitter: @Ioana_Craescu