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Miguel Pinho

Technology Lead

I lead technology at Seedcamp and am very passionate about the ways technology is shaping the future. At Seedcamp I work on internal and external projects making sure that we continue to invest and support the best companies out there and that Seedcamp, as a company, continues to improve from a tech perspective using the best set of tools.

I have been working on web products for over 10 years - passing through different phases that mostly exposed me to web-development and online-marketing. Before joining Seedcamp I worked in a university in Lithuania, built a network of websites from 0 to 2 Million visits per year, worked with early startups, supported NGOs and more recently spent about two years and a half working on two startups of my own in the Beauty and the Investment space.

I am originally from Portugal but grew up in Switzerland, speak 3 languages on a native-level plus four more on an beginner to intermediate level. Whenever I am not speaking about technology I enjoy photography and exploring new cultures and places.