Taylor Wescoatt

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Product EIR Emeritus

I'm the guy companies call when they have a question about Product such as: 'how do I build a roadmap?', User Research 'how do I learn from my customers?', or how to get their proposition right, 'do I build this now or later?'

My two favourite things in Product are 1) a critical insight into a customer need, and 2) data showing that you've delivered value to a customer. I do love beautiful design, but in startups "ugly is okay" as long as it does what he user needs.

I have built product for startups (Seatwave, CitySearch, Emoov) and bigger brands (eBay, AOL, Time Out). These days when I'm not helping people get Product figured out, I am investing in PropTech startups via www.concretevc.com.

My 3 kids are at the fun age where they are out of nappies but still think I'm cool, so most of my free time is with them. I recently started life-drawing again but am finding its not like riding a bike.