The Seedcamp Platform

One of the greatest strengths of Seedcamp is that we approach investing with a view to support our startups as our greatest priority. As such, over the last ten years we have built and honed a powerful platform based on our experience helping build 240 companies and learning from them on the type of help they crave most. The platform is built on three key pillars: Learning, Network, Capital.


A startup is an organisation designed to search for a repeatable business model, and as a Founder you’ll face a steep learning curve. We’re here to help guide your search and expedite your learning. As a Seedcamp company, you’ll not only have our experienced team at your disposal, but also your fellow Founders and a Network of Experts who have already faced many of the challenges ahead of you.

But every search will be different, so there’s no set curriculum. You and your team will never stop learning! That’s why we deliver a lifelong program of support that you and the leaders you hire into your team can pull from whenever needed. The way we do this is through the following:

Onboarding – This is a mandatory part of the Seedcamp learning experience. Once you’ve received investment from us, you will come together for a week designed to equip you with all the foundational knowledge you’ll need to hit the ground running as a Seedcamp company. Expect to cover several topics through a series of workshops delivered by the Seedcamp team and our closest Mentors. It is also a great opportunity to get to know and learn from your fellow Seedcamp Founders.

Founder Feedback – The first few months of your search for product/market fit and traction are most critical. Founder Feedback is a series of ten weekly sessions with your fellow Seedcamp Founders, designed to keep you focused on your search, accountable for your goals and able to move past problems quickly.

Academy – Learning doesn’t stop after three months. All Founders – and their teams – have continued access to Seedcamp Academy, a monthly series of workshops and masterclasses delivered by a cross section of Mentors. The programme spans the product/market fit, traction and growth stages for our companies across these key areas:

  • Product Development, Design & Engineering
  • Marketing, Growth & Distribution
  • Company Building & Fundraising

As well as the monthly masterclasses we organise function-specific day-long Summits to cover each of the key areas of the business. You’ll hear from Experts, but also meet your peers from other Seedcamp companies who might be further along their journeys.

Office Hours – We have access to the best Network of Operators and Investors in Europe, who all want to help Seedcamp companies unlock their full potential. Every week we schedule one-to-one sessions, which allow you to workshop and get feedback on specific problems and go deeper into finding solutions. You can sign-up as and when you need.

US Trip

One of the major goals of the US Trip is for our companies to learn from the best Operators building the tech titans of tomorrow. As we criss-cross New York, Boston, SF, and the Bay Area we stop in at some of the biggest platform companies (Facebook, Google) and those that have scaled into billion dollar businesses (Spotify, Airbnb, YouTube). Our companies sit with Product, Marketing, Corp Dev and other folks to learn from their playbook


Our Network underpins our Platform, accessing it for Learning or Capital. Seedcamp is one of the most networked funds globally.

Seedcamp Operator and Investor Days – These events expose our companies to all three aspects of our platform in the European ecosystem. Our companies meet over 200 Operators, experts in areas such as product, marketing, sales and business development, and Investors (Angel, Corporate, VCs, Family Offices) over two days where they have up to five mentors focused on each of them for 30 minutes.

US Trip – The second goal of our US trip is to expose our companies to the best of Operators and Investor capital in the US. Each year our Network in the US grows better and better. More US Operators become Mentors to our startups and more Investors back our companies.

Academy – As per above, the Academy involves a lot of moving parts. We tap exhaustively into our Network to attract the best Operators to come and speak about all the key challenges companies face from the product/market fit stage to the traction and growth stages. We keep our system updated and active through ranking our Mentors, delineating the events and times they interact with our companies, and filling holes where our companies need help most.

Office Hours – This is where all aspects of our Network hyper engage with our companies on a one-to-one basis. We gauge how actively our Operator and Investor Mentors, our Partners, our Media friends and all want to be involved and we use an online system to help them find and connect with our companies who need intensive help.


Founders Pack – Alongside our investment, there are many corporates and startups who have partnered with us to provide a host of services on which our companies would usually have to spend their Investor capital. Instead they’ve partnered with us to provide our companies with discounted and often free sets of such services. The value of these is around €600K of tools and services spend.

Our Capital – As we aim to be the First Round Fund choice for our companies, we participate as an Investor across their first capital needs – the pre-seed and seed stages. Last year we announced a new €20M fund which has already invested in over 20 companies. Our capital has enabled companies to raise over $350M in further funding from over 500 Investors.

Our Investors’ Capital – Seedcamp is itself invested into by around 50 Investors. They are the world’s most active Angels, VCs, Corporates, Family Offices, and Fund of Funds. As such we’re in a unique position to bring the Investors’ attention and capital to our companies. In approximately 80% of the cases where one of our companies has received a follow-on investment, at least one of our Investors has been part of the round.

Our Network’s Capital – There is hardly a top tier investor across the globe that isn’t an investor in a Seedcamp company. As such that puts us and our portfolio at a unique advantage to access the absolute smartest follow-on capital.

Seedcamp Events, the US Trip, Office Hours and Newsletter – This capital is accessed through numerous touch points within Seedcamp. Particularly about 200 investors come through Seedcamp Operator and Investor Days. Around a 100 are engaged through the US Trip. A further 50 through Office Hours. And finally a further 500+ through our newsletter.