We’re all set to disrupt fashion and online retail this weekend at Seedhack

SeedhackIIAs we get closer and closer to the 3rd edition of Seedhack, our very own hackathon, we would like to start rolling out the excitement that has been going around Campus for the past few days. We’ve been putting all the pieces together and preparing everything to the last detail to set the stage for three days of full-time hacking.

The whole event takes place at Campus London. On Thursday evening we’ve invited the selected participants to come meet each other over casual drinks and start coming up with ideas. The real event will kick off on Friday evening where we will have some great speakers and API presentations followed by a full weekend of hacking. On Sunday afternoon the teams will have the chance to present what they have been working on to the audience and a panel of top judges.

Our gratitude goes to the Seedhack sponsors who are making the whole event possible: HarperCollinsNet-A-PorterMarks & SpencerDomain.Me and Yammer.

We have some great API presenters who will be showcasing their technologies that can be incorporated into the fashion and online retail startups, including:

We also have some great mentors coming to help the teams work on their ideas including experienced mentors from the Seedcamp network and from companies such as Amazon, ASOS, HarperCollins, Net-A-Porter, and Seedcamp teams such as BRANDiD, Nuji and Poq Studio.

We would also like to thank Rackspace who will be providing the drinks on Thursday evening.

We’ve been overwhelmed by interest and the number of sign-ups has been very high but we still have a few spots available (especially for developers!), so if you’re interested in building a fashion or online retail startup in a weekend, fill in this form and we’ll get back to you very soon.


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