100 Seedcamp founders join us on our mission to invest in the next generation of world-class European talent

Seedcamp Fund IV closes at £60M with support from over 100 founders, mentors and angels from across the Seedcamp Nation

Reshma Sohoni, Tom Wilson, Sia Houchangnia, Natasha Lytton, Miguel Pinho, Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Kyran Schmidt, Antonia Whitecourt

We are delighted to announce the final close of Fund IV at £60M in a heavily oversubscribed round and to welcome over 100 founders, mentors, angels, friends and supporters of Seedcamp as new investors. The final close includes contributions of £2M from founders across our 11-year history and an innovative collaboration with equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs.

We are thrilled to see so many founders we’ve backed along our journey now investing alongside us in the next generation of world-class entrepreneurial talent to come out of Europe. Founders backing Fund IV include the likes of Daniel Dines and Taavet Hinrikus from two of our unicorn companies – UiPath and TransferWise – and founders of acquired businesses MoveGuides, MyBuilder and Zemanta among many others. Seedcamp Fund IV is also supported by leading angel investors including Michael Pennington (Gumtree), Ed Wray (Betfair) and Barry Smith (Skyscanner).

Daniel Dines, CEO and Founder of UiPath – one of our three unicorns – comments, “Seedcamp took a chance on us back in 2015 when we were a team of just ten people in Romania and now, three years later, we have more than 590 employees across 14 countries and valued at over $1bn. I trust the Seedcamp team implicitly when it comes to uncovering and investing in new categories and Europe’s future leaders and am delighted to support the next generation of entrepreneurial talent to come out of Seedcamp.”

Other institutions backing Seedcamp Fund IV as part of the final close include Orange Digital Investments, Cachette Capital Management and MUFG.

At £60M Fund IV is over 30x bigger than our first fund of $2.5M dating back to 2007. In just six months since the first close of Fund IV at £41M we have already made 15 new investments backing the likes of Factmata, Sweatcoin, Pace, Homie, Vantik, doctorly, StepLadder, Maze and Veratrak and intend to double that by the end of this year. 

Our co-founder and Managing Partner, Reshma Sohoni, comments, “The Seedcamp story is one that’s touched so many people across the world over our 11 years and we’re thrilled to welcome over 100 founders, mentors and angels from across the Seedcamp Nation who will play an active role in our future. At Seedcamp our ambition is bold to match that of our founders and we believe we have the perfect team and investors assembled to help our companies and our LPs achieve outsized results for Europe and beyond.”

In a pioneering move for both venture capital and equity crowdfunding space, Seedrs was chosen to raise a portion of Fund IV from the founders of Seedcamp-backed companies. Made possible by using Seedrs unique nominee structure, the feeder fund enables much smaller ticket investors to easily participate in the fund. This is the first time that a private equity marketplace platform such as Seedrs has helped a traditional fund this way. 

Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Seedcamp Managing Partner, adds, “When we talk about Seedcamp as a lifelong community of support we really mean it; it’s amazing to have founders who we backed when we were first starting out join us as part of our new fund as we invest in the next generation of world-class entrepreneurial talent. Their investment would not have been possible if it weren’t for our partnership with Seedrs which has enabled us to bring on board so many of our founders.”

Jeff Kelisky, CEO at Seedrs, says: “This is a fantastic and genuinely innovative collaboration between the venture capital and equity crowdfunding spaces. We’re proud to have built an infrastructure that allows us to open up highly attractive funds, such as Seedcamp’s Fund IV, to more investors than ever possible before. We very much look forward to working with Seedcamp and their companies in the years to come.”

There’s so many learnings our future founders can take from the power of the Seedcamp Nation and we are confident we have the best possible team, investors and individuals assembled to champion and uncover breakout European businesses for the next decade and beyond. 

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us on our journey so far. We can’t wait for what’s to come next!


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