20 hopeful teams get ready to embrace Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana '09

As we gear up for the final stretch in our Mini Seedcamp tour, we are happy to announce the final 20 teams for Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana taking place on May 14th at Tehnoloski Park Ljubljana. The region produced some of the most early stage ideas we’ve come across yet, with a show of promise that Seedcamp can’t wait to support and nurture. The teams have promising technical talent and we are looking to challenge them to develop innovative and globally addressable solutions. We look forward to encouraging the emerging entrepreneurs, many who applied from Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Vienna, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Zagreb, Italy and even the UK.

And here are the lucky 20:

Activis d.o.o. BENS – Buinac & Co., k.d. Brihten ComfortClick Elaphe FM Virtual LiveNetLife Longnet Mala radionica interneta d.o.o. Nexus d.o.o. Ocean 4D seekda GmbH ShoutEm Symbolya Viidea d.o.o. Vilango Wondeer Xohana Yasmo Live

The 20 teams will be engaging with distinguished mentors and have the opportunity to learn and network with 50 local and European industry movers and shakers including VC’s, Investors and product specialists in HR, PR, Product and Marketing.

The Mini Seedcamp programme is aimed at recognizing fresh web-tech, software and mobile talent from across the EMEA and to help immerse these teams within the European entrepreneurial ecosystem that will help them build a viable and sustainable business in future.

We look forward to meeting all of the teams face to face and to help them lay the foundations to launch a kick-ass startup. Remember teams, preparation is key and will help you get the most out of Mini Seedcamp. We urge you to once again watch our videos and read blog posts from past winners to gain advice on how you can squeeze every drop of knowledge and learning from the awesome set of mentors you’ll be engaged with on the day.

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