The 20 teams at Seedcamp Paris 2011

The  final Seedcamp event of the year is taking place in Paris on Tuesday (tomorrow!), and we’re very excited to announce the 20 participating teams:

  • from London, UK – sports teams, organised and engaged.
  • Dashmin from Paris, France – Google Analytics for your internal data.
  • DidThis from Zurich, Switzerland – action logging: log what you do, share it and compare with your friends.
  • digitalfibr from Paris, France – Archivme: get all your internet invoices, household bills or mobile expenses in just 3 minutes.
  • DynaCloud from Enschede, Netherlands – automates any virtual (data center) environment, reducing license fees and employee costs and increasing scalability.
  • Fellody from Zurich, Switzerland – a flirting/dating platform that matches people by their taste in music.
  • Helpr from Zimbabwe and USA – one customer care portal to make your customer care and support needs dead simple.
  • Human Record from Sofia, Bulgaria – the marketplace for vintage images. We help media and publishers conveniently buy images, and we enable libraries, museums and private collectors to monetize their collections online.
  • Infogram from Riga, Latvia – a web based infographic and data visualization tool for online news portals. It’s a simple way to make professionally designed, interactive infographics in just a few minutes.
  • Jottify from London, UK – an online community that allows people to share, discuss and sell anything they have written.
  • KLEENK from Montpellier, France – a platform where researchers create “smart” connections between scientific publications, and discuss these connections with the community.
  • Livesheets from London, UK – spreadsheets are still based on accountants’ books of grid paper. They are blunt, rigid, and overcomplicated. We are creating an alternative, which is visual, powerful, and intuitive.
  • Modelo3 from Lisbon, Portugal – transforming how we deal with taxes in Europe with an insanely easy to use service that gets your taxes done with the best refund in less than 10 minutes.
  • Neexer from Paris, France – building a team is painful. You have to hire the best people in order to succeed. Neexer provides premium tools to discover these gems.
  • Phonoblaster from Paris, France – let your friends and followers go to a web page and listen to the same music you’re listening to, right now.
  • Pinpoint from Taganrog, Russia– the easiest online tool to share information that is linked to a specific location on a map.
  • PLAYTOUCH from Paris, France – a casual Play2Win gaming service (Play to win prizes) available on any internet device.
  • Shall I Buy from Belgium, Netherlands – an iPhone app that helps you get instant shopping feedback from your friends before you have even left the store.
  • SlickFlick from London, UK – a mobile app platform for telling stories with photos, where you can make & share them in seconds or view while on the go.

We are really looking forward to spending a day with these fantastic teams, joined by over 90 of our famous mentors. We also look forward a masterclass by Renaud Visage of Eventbrite.

Once the day is over the networking will continue, startup style, with beer and pizza at Le Camping, based in the beautiful old Parisian stock exchange, courtesy of 360 Capital Partners.

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