2008 applications are open!

Seedcamp is happy to announce we’ve opened applications for our main event this September: Seedcamp Week 2008. Entries are accepted via our Seedcamp online application form, with a deadline of 23:59, 10 August. More information can be found in our 2008 application guide.

Considering last year was our inaugural event we were bound to learn a few things about the application and judging process, and we’ve tried to incorporate that learning to make the run-up to this year’s event even easier for us and the teams applying.

One of our biggest challenges when running a competition that hopes to elicit applications from an entire (heterogeneous) continent is the language barrier. We’d love to have official translations in the dozens of languages indigenous to Europe, but as we lack Brussels’ small army of translators we’ve had to standardize on English.

This year some of the questions that were difficult for non-native English speakers have been reworded, and we’ve included some further explanation in the application guide linked above to help native and non-native speakers alike.

We’ve also streamlined some behind-the-scenes judging processes, decided to hold short-list interviews in person rather than over the telephone, and taken advantage of Seecamp Week’s slightly later placement on the calendar to provide more time for entry submissions.

Hopefully these changes will help to make what was already a smooth process even smoother. Good luck to everyone, and remember not to leave your application to the last minute!

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