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We identify and invest early in world-class founders attacking large and global markets through disruptive technology.

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The Seedcamp Nation includes over 470 startups building breakout businesses that change the way people live, interact and buy and includes 10 European unicorns: Hopin, Wise, Revolut, Sorare, wefox, Pleo, UiPath,, Grover, and Synthesia.

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We provide the infrastructure to support our exceptional founders who’ve gone on to raise over $7Bn in follow-on funding from leading global investors. Seedcamp is its own fully-fledged network economy where our 1,000+ founders, experts, and their teams collaborate with, sell to, and learn from one another. We provide unparalleled resources, access to talent, and commercial relationships to companies in the Seedcamp Nation.


What our Founders say

What our Founders say


Seedcamp was an invaluable stepping stone for Wise (formerly TransferWise) and provided us with the foundations to build the company we are today. From a team of two, we're now 650+ people in nine offices across the world - and we're just getting started. For any startup looking to build something truly awesome, Seedcamp is the place to start.

Taavet Hinrikus,


What our Founders say


Seedcamp took a chance on us back in 2015 when we were a team of just ten people in Romania and now, three years later, we have more than 590 employees across 14 countries and valued at over USD7bn. I trust the Seedcamp team implicitly when it comes to uncovering and investing in new categories and Europe’s future leaders and am delighted to support the next generation of entrepreneurial talent to come out of Seedcamp.

Daniel Dines,

CEO and Founder

What our Founders say


Seedcamp was an instrumental player in helping Revolut grow from a small-time startup into a global banking alternative. Two short years later, and we're one of the fastest growing fintech firms in Europe, have three international offices and a team of over 150 people. Hungry founders with ambitious plans should begin their journey with Seedcamp.

Nikolay Storonsky,

Founder & CEO

What our Founders say


When I wanted to first fundraise for Hopin I asked ‘who are the best seed funds’ and Seedcamp was top of the list. A founder-friendly mindset was key for me when it came to choosing my investors, along with somewhere that’s full of good people and has a strong pedigree. Seedcamp had an amazing brand in Europe and in the US and that’s helped a lot with hiring and getting us to where we are today

Johnny Boufarhat,

Founder & CEO

What our Founders say


We feel incredibly lucky to have Seedcamp as an investor. Being part of the Seedcamp network is even more valuable than the money. Workshops organised by Seedcamp and mentoring from seasoned operators accelerated our learning on finding product-market fit, growing, scaling, fundraising etc. Now that we are a larger team, we still suggest Seedcamp office hours to our team. Being a Seedcamp company also gave us access to a vast network of VCs and angel investors and a majority of our current investors have been introduced via Seedcamp. We would recommend Seedcamp to any founder looking to supercharge their growth with a supportive investor which has a strong brand and reputation amongst investors and founders.

Sandrine Zhang Ferron,

Co-Founder & CEO

What our Founders say


Seedcamp was the make it or break it type of partner. With Seedcamp's early backing, we were able to attract more great funds and business angels. If it were not for Seedcamp's very early support, when it was just myself and Adrien with a vision, Sorare would have not worked the way it did. We're very grateful to have found such a strong early-stage partner that helped us with their incredible network of people.

Nicolas Julia,

Co-Founder & CEO

What our Founders say


Seedcamp is a vital partner for wefox Group and they continue to play a crucial role in our growth. Their expertise helped to scale wefox Group, including helping us close the largest series B round for a European insurtech. We are proud to partner with Seedcamp and honoured that they are part of our success.

Julian Teicke,

CEO and Founder

What our Founders say


Seedcamp was a transformative moment both for the company and for me as an entrepreneur. Finding the right partner, in business as in life, is really make or break and Seedcamp was really the place where we learned how the startup world worked. Seedcamp also exposed us to an incredible network of people, including Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, and we couldn’t have picked a better partner for the journey from the beginning all the way to our exit to Google.

Mark Cummins,

Co-Founder & CEO

What our Founders say


Having Seedcamp onboard has been crucial to the Peppy journey in so many ways, big and small. The team has encouraged and supported us through the rollercoaster that is a start-up. With their huge portfolio and network, there's always someone who's seen it before and can help.

Mridula Pore,

Co-Founder & CEO

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Where Excellence Thrives

We created Seedcamp in 2007 with the strong belief that exceptional talent can come from anywhere. This belief remains deep-rooted in our DNA and in our actions today. We believe excellent people are the driver behind great success, which is why we’re proud to be the first investor in some of the world’s most impactful founders and companies that are truly democratising access to fast-moving technologies and services.

We’re experts in the journey when it comes to taking a business idea from nothing to massive value. Think of us as the closest thing to a highly experienced and hyperconnected co-founder you can have. We know it won’t always be plain sailing but we are in it for the long haul and have the team, network, and infrastructure to set your company up for success. We’re in your corner when you need us and know to get out of your way when you don’t.

Now, 15+ years in and with a portfolio that spans sectors, represents all corners of the Continent and includes 9 unicorns, we could not be more proud of the Seedcamp Nation as a true reflection of excellence.