A World First! 2 World Class Institutions Team Up – Seedcamp and London Business School Join Forces

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The Best in Technology and the Best in Business come together!

As a founder, one of the hardest things to do is to cover the seemingly endless list of strategic and tactical to do items. Sometimes it’s not knowing what you don’t know and struggling with figuring out who to ask or where to look. And other times it is about executing your path but just not being able to do it with the limited time and money most startups have. Recognising this, we at Seedcamp help our companies tackle both needs. One way we help is through our Seedcamp Academy and recently that program just got an injection of additional talent.

Seedcamp is launching a program in conjunction with The London Business School called The LBS Seedcamp Academy Consulting Program (LSCAP). London Business School is one of the leading business schools of the world, and with LSCAP, MBA and Masters in Finance students will be able to apply their learnings by working alongside founders in overcoming key strategic and tactical challenges. Because learning through doing is one of the quickest and most memorable ways to learn a new concept or skill, LSCAP will provide the LBS students a means to solidify what they learn in the classroom by applying it in real life. Students have the ability to also get class credit for the work done through this program.

The LSCAP program will focus on leveraging LBS students’ deep knowledge of marketing and finance and applying it to the challenges early stage startups face on a day to day basis. Participating LBS student Owen Woolcock has this to say about being one of the first students to partake in this program: “The chance to work with some of Seedcamp’s batch of entrepreneurs is a really great opportunity for MBAs like myself. London Business School is historically very strong in banking, finance and consulting: but so much is happening in London, and in particular Tech City; it can be easy to focus on the traditional corporate world and forget the enormous disruption taking place across so many different industries in the startup landscape. Hopefully we can bring some insight and relevant experience to the entrepreneurs, and allow their great ideas to reach as large an audience as possible.”

We all know that building hugely successful tech businesses requires the best of technology and business minds coming together. The Seedcamp-LBS partnership does just that, brings the best of technology from Seedcamp founders with some of the best business minds at LBS. In the coming months we hope to share some of the great work these talented entrepreneurs and managers will be doing together.

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