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In the third video of our series ‘Advice From Founders’, we ask our startups to talk about their own products, and what’s important when building it. You can find the entire playlist here.

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There’s a lot of juicy advice in the short video, here are three top tips for Founders who may be currently building their MVP or product.

All the product details need to be right…from the buttons in the app to the email text in invitations

Sometimes there is no shortcut. To find out what your customers respond best to in your product, you just have to try, trial, and test. Most startups use A/B testing for this but you can also give Growth Hacking a try.

Focus is really, really important. At the start, we were all over the place.

Bill Cosby once said ‘I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.’ This is a message startups can learn from, especially in the early days of creating your product. Focus your product on one specific area and become the master of it. Don’t let yourself be distracted by new features, different verticals, and designs. Build it, ship it, and evolve.

When people start talking about your product to you, before you mention it to them, it’s amazing

This is the aim for a lot of startups and it’s a nice one to keep in mind. Word of mouth marketing still exists and is incredibly powerful. How can you encourage this with your product?

Don’t forget! Applications for Seedcamp Week London close August 17th.

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