Alles Neu macht der Mai

Besides travelling all over the place to places like Berlin, Stockholm, and now New York City, lots of action is going on back in London, where our home is.


We put the entrepreneurs front and centre, which is why we try to reach so many different geographies, looking for the best startups all over Europe. Still, all of this needs a solid backdrop of operations and structure back home, which we have thankfully been able to expand over the last year.


Act 1 – the move

The last month brought about big changes for Seedcamp – our outside face is changing. The first act was to leave our Mayfair offices in the attic of Brown Rudnick’s offices. We were grateful guests for about two years and enjoyed the very central location – but with the team growing, we did not fit anymore – especially with Brown Rudnick themselves growing their operations.


When we set out for new offices, it was quite obvious that we would move into a neighbourhood populated with less fashion stores and private equity offices. Of course, as Old Street Roundabout and Shoreditch are become the “it” places to be as a startup, we were looking to move East.


Cue EDITD, one of the Seedcamp 2010 winners. They needed to move out of their old Clerkenwell offices to expand as much as we had to, and with a cool 1.6 million in the bank, they are going to need to hire lots of engineers. Geoff and Julia found a great loft space just around the corner from the Silicon Roundabout – literally upstairs form Techhub.Because hiring takes time, and even plenty of engineers don’t fill up 3000 square feet, we found the perfect space – and are now housed within Editd’s offices on Featherstone Street. Since our move two weeks ago, we are already getting used to the amenities: we came to appreciate the great food from the nearby market, we very much enjoy seeing more of our friends who are close by (and moving over in droves), and have already hosted two of our monthly Seedcamp meetings here.


We have found a new home.


Act 2 – our new website

We are also very proud to show off our new website / blog design today. Our old web page was decidedly out of date in terms of design and functionality, so we set out for a redesign.


The new design makes it much easier for us to keep all of you up to speed with our news, manage our events organisation, and deliver more content and resources for entrepreneurs. It is also much more interactive with an automated way to get intros into the companies and for mentors to connect with us more easily. Please let us know what you think about it – we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve built.


A large part of the redesign was the work of designer Sonja Leix, who did a great job dealing with our endless requests for changes and adjustments. Another large part of the tech team (besides Carlos, who spearheaded it) was Jakob, who helped set the direction for the tone and layout.


As with our Seedsummit launch in December with Lateral, we are very grateful for the help we received from Sonya – if you are looking for strong technology and design partners, these are definitely the people to talk to.


So, onwards and upwards – we are looking forward to hear your feedback on the new site, and to seeing you around Old Street for lunch, coffee, and maybe even a few beers.

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