Amazon Web Services commits support to Seedcamp teams

Most start-ups are moving away from traditional hosting platforms and are building more and more on scalable cloud infrastructure. Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a service provider most Seedcamp teams heavily build on – which is why we’ve now visited the Amazon Web Services’ Headquarters in Seattle two years in a row on the Seedcamp US trip. Besides mentoring and technical support for the teams (not only on the AWS platform but also across other products like the Kindle platform), AWS has been part of the Founder Sponsors since the beginning.

Seedcamp visiting the AWS team in Seattle

Through the more intense collaboration and the visits to HQ, we have intensified the relationship more and more, and are now extremely happy to talk about a new offering for all new Seedcamp companies: Amazon Web Services is offering all new Seedcamp companies AWS credits to the tune of $25,000 to be used over 2 years. This generous offer will allow teams to continue to focus on the development of their apps and growing their team, and not worrying about hardware costs and maintenance in the early stage of their business. On top of the monetary benefits, the teams will also have access to the Gold Level support AWS offers – certainly a very welcome ability to resolve problems quickly and efficiently at a stage when most companies can’t afford this level of access.

Apart from the companies we invest in, Amazon Web Services is also committing support to the more than 200 companies that take part in Seedcamp events throughout the year: each company that gets selected to take part in a Seedcamp will be supported with $1,000 of AWS credits. Access to Amazon Web Services’ developer relationship team and mentorship across our events are another benefits we highly appreciate and look forward to have more teams experience.

We haven’t been vocal enough about the great offers our Founders’ Pack contains – stay tuned for an overview of what teams benefit from by being selected to Seedcamp events and investment.

If you want to be part of Seedcamp and take advantage of this offer – make sure you and your team send in the application for Seedcamp New York by midnight, Sunday June 17th. The next upcoming Seedcamp event is Seedcamp London in early August.

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