Announcing our 2008 selection panel

Sorting through hundreds of online applications isn’t easy. It’s not that they’re boring to read – quite to the contrary we were nothing but ecstatic at the quality of our applications last year and from what we’ve been seeing so far the same holds true for 2008. The real problem isn’t trying to pay attention, it’s maintaining a keen sense of what separates a good application from one that’s just right for Seedcamp, as dozens of quality submissions scroll across the screen.

Plus, while we tout our network of advisors (and we should), an equally critical component of ensuring our 20 Seedcamp Week teams get the most out of the experience is the peer effect. Essentially, every time we select a team to come, we need to make certain that the next team is as good or better – otherwise we’re not providing the existing choices with a proper learning cohort.

These considerations make the act of choosing participants absolutely critical.

Luckily we’re fortunate enough to have some super-sharp and very committed judges on our selection panel this year:








    • Mark Esiri ; Venrex






To those that would attempt to bribe them with gold bullion, chocolate truffles, and a box set of Battlestar Galactica DVDs (seasons 1-3 plus “Razor”) I must warn you they are utterly incorruptible – please instead redirect bribes to me.

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