Announcing the Seedcamp Week 2008 Mentors!

At the heart of Seedcamp is our network of advisors. Yesterday we announced the advisors who, with a bit of luck (and many frantic emails), will soon be making their way to UCL in London for Seedcamp Week 2008.

So, (drum roll please), here is the list of advisors attending Seedcamp Week 2008.

The mentoring process is an invaluable opportunity for the Seedcamp 22 to learn from the collective wisdom of these eminent experts. Meeting in small groups, the advisors give one-on-one guidance to the teams on all aspects of growing their seed of a business.

Last year, this mentoring process was a huge success, and the title of Seedcamp Advisor has become a respected one. (Perhaps as a result) the list of this year’s advisors is a long one, with over 220 individuals confirmed! let me walk you through some line-up highlights:

Founders & CEOsMichael Birch, fresh from Bebo’s $850m sale to AOL • Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL • Kevin Cornils, CEO of Buy.atJyri Engestrom, founder of Helsinki based Jaiku, now acquired by Google • Lorenz Bogaert, CEO of Netlog, an Alexa top 100 site. • Joe Cohen, Seatwave founder and CEO • Lukasz Gadowski, Spreadshirt founder • Martin Stiskel, co-founder and CEO • Richard Moross founder at CEO at MooWAYN founders, Peter and Jerome

Product ExpertsTaavet Hinrikus, Director of Product Strategy at SkypeMatt Ogle, leads web development at Last.fmAdam Seifer, founder of Alexa top 20 site FotologRyan Carson, CarsonifiedMatt Jones, founder of DopplrMenno van Slooten, from eBuddy

Marketing Experts • Michael Arrington, TechCrunchJason Goodman, Albion Founding Partner • Donna Sokolsky, Spark PR CEO • Obi Felten, Google UK, Head of Consumer Marketing • Blake Chandlee, UK commercial director of FacebookBrent Hoberman, and founder of • Jamie Kantrowitz, MySpace – SVP, Marketing & Content International

Technical ExpertsJaan Tallin, Skype lead system architect • Mike Shaver, VP of Engineering at Mozilla • Matt Biddulph, DopplrJames Aylett, TartarusStefan Magdalinski, Moo CTOChristian Heilmann at Yahoo • Simon Willison, co-creator of DjangoMichael Jackson, ex Director of Ops at SkypeMartin Buhr, Amazon Web Services

Investment ExpertsCharles Grimsdale, Eden Ventures • Aydin Senkut, Felicis Ventures, Founder • Robin Klein, TAG • Andrew Weissman, BetaworksAnil Hansjee, Google • Tal Barnoach, Speed Up • Danny Rimer, Partner at Index VenturesFred Destin, Atlas Venture

As you can see, Seedcamp Week 2008 will be populated with some amazing figures from the European tech world. But, it won’t just be the Seedcamp 22 who will benefit in the sage advice of these mentors. Log on to all next week for videos, pictures, articles and blogs giving you all the highlights of Seedcamp Week 2008.

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