Arcane raises $6M to give every marketer the power of a team via its AI-powered co-pilot

Digital marketing is a booming, multi-hundred billion-dollar industry driven by increased demand for automation. However, marketers underutilise their martech stack capabilities, due to workflow fragmentation across numerous disconnected platforms and tools. They spend significant time on mundane, repetitive tasks, and build hacky automation workflows, that limit their capacity to focus on the strategic and creative work that drives real value for their business.

This is why are excited to back Arcane, an AI-powered co-pilot that aims to provide each marketer with the power of a team. Acting as an assistant, Arcane’s tool enables marketing professionals to focus on the strategic, creative aspect of work that they excel at.

Founders Ben Hacking (ex-Deliveroo, ex-WeWork) and Jeremy Frenay (ex-Babylon), who have helped scale some of the world’s fastest-growing tech businesses, were inspired to start Arcane after experiencing firsthand the difficulties marketers face in modern workflows. The Arcane team has identified and mapped out over 100 discrete tasks capturing the majority of a marketer’s current workload. These include repurposing blog content for social channels, building competitor reports, and analysing and reporting metrics to teams. 

Arcane’s co-pilot has knowledge about how campaigns are performing and automates the marketing teams’ day-to-day tasks. From generating reports to analysing customer sentiment, it speeds up workflows and frees up their time to be spent on more impactful activities, such as reviewing, refining, and actioning the output of a wide range of high-value tasks.  

Ben Hacking, co-founder and CEO at Arcane, highlights: 

“The vast majority of marketers’ time is spent on work other than copy generation, so we see significant potential in augmenting and automating these tasks. To do this, we’ve combined the latest AI technologies (retrieval augmented generation, autonomous agents, and multi-modal models) to chain together workflows in a no-code platform that captures more of marketers’ repetitive activities, giving them time back to focus on higher impact tasks.”

We are excited to participate in Aracane’s $5 million seed round led by Accel and be on the journey alongside Cocoa, Firstminute Capital, Kima Ventures, and angel investors including Meta’s VP Product for generative AI Connor Hayes, Monzo founder Tom Blomfield, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen, and WeWork President Anthony Yazbeck. The total funding includes a previously unannounced $1 million pre-seed round led by us. 

Arcane plans to expand its engineering and data teams, and further develop the platform’s AI functionalities ahead of its open beta later this year.

Currently, in closed beta, the company is onboarding waitlist sign-ups in the lead-up to an open beta launch later this quarter. To learn more about Arcane and to sign up for the waitlist, visit

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