Cyscale raises €3m to help companies understand their cybersecurity risks in context

Cloud technologies enable companies to scale rapidly and efficiently. Alongside these benefits also comes an increased vulnerability and exposure to cybersecurity threats.  For every company adopting a cloud-native tech stack, protecting their applications and data in the cloud, and also understanding their cybersecurity risks in context is essential, in today’s world more than ever. 

This is why we are excited to back Cyscale and their mission to protect the applications and data of companies that choose cloud technology and help them become more competitive through digitization.

Founded by Manuela Țicudean, Ovidiu Cical, and Andrei Milaș, the Romanian-based startup develops protection software solutions for information stored in the cloud. Cyscale’s flagship product Security Knowledge Graph™ provides in-depth contextual analysis for cloud assets, reducing false positives, and prioritizing high-risk items. It uncovers risks or misconfigurations and allows security teams to prioritize the remediation of high-risk issues. Cyscale has also built a powerful compliance module that helps security leaders track gaps between the policies they’ve defined and their technical implementations in the cloud. 

Manuela Țicudean, Co-Founder and COO of Cyscale, explains, “The cybersecurity industry needs to shift toward understanding cyber risk in context. Only then will we be able to fight the increasingly sophisticated and advanced threats targeting our organizations and our lives.”

“Most cloud security tools analyze cloud infrastructures by running through sets of configuration best practices and verifying them against each cloud resource,” she continues. “This approach can be useful, but the problem is the rate of false positives. Looked at in isolation, a resource may be misconfigured, but there are other contextual factors that determine the actual danger for a business. False positives create noise and keep security engineers from focusing on the highest-risk issues. As a result, businesses waste valuable time and risk becoming the victims of cyber-attacks.”

Cyscale Co-Founder and CEO, Ovidiu Cical, adds, “Security risks aren’t limited to an organization’s cloud infrastructure. Adjacent components such as third-party software packages used in applications, software development practices, and code repositories are all examples of risk areas in modern tech ecosystems. Most of the time, companies assess risk in each of these areas in isolation, based on skillsets in the team or available resources. The result is a fragmented security function, with no clear understanding where weaknesses lie and what their impact truly is.” 

On why we invested, our Managing Partner Carlos Espinal comments:

“We are thrilled to back Manuela, Ovidiu, and Andrei on their mission to help companies manage their cloud assets securely and efficiently. Cyscale’s technology, multi-cloud interoperability, and data compliance governance are best in class and essential in today’s decentralized business world. With such exceptional founders and an experienced team, we are confident Cyscale will not only become an industry leader but also transform the way we think about cybersecurity.”

We are excited to participate in Cyscale’s $3m round led by Notion Capital, with participation from GapMinder, Micha Hernandez van Leuffen, founder of Fiberplane and NP-Hard Ventures; and David Mytton, Seedcamp EiR and founder of and Server Density. The funding will be used to grow the team and enable international expansion. 

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