Coming back to the Big Apple – Seedcamp New York marks a first in the US

After spending a week in NYC in February with Seedcamp’s portfolio companies, we were blown away by the local tech scene and the incredible energy the NY startup ecosystem has built. Besides the great startups we saw during our East Coast visit (Foursquare, 10genEtsy and others), the incubators, co-working spaces, and VC scene are also heating up (see BetaworksGeneral AssemblyUnion Square Ventures and others).
The Seedcamp Crew at Foursquare during our US trip
As building bridges and bringing mentors and startups together is one of the main goals of Seedcamp, we are building what is the longest bridge yet: We are hosting our first Mini Seedcamp in the US: Seedcamp NYC, a day where some of the hottest startups will mix with the greatest mentors from all over the East Coast and Europe.
We expect that applications to Seedcamp NYC will come from some of the best European founders looking to get feedback from top notch US mentors and determining how they work with the US market. On the flip side, we expect to see some top US and The Americas founders apply – eager to see what EMEA holds for them through the experience of a Seedcamp day.
Seedcamp New York will take place on the 14th of June, and our good friends at Google have already agreed to host us at their NY offices. After our great experience in February, we are looking forward to returning and spending the day in intense mentoring sessions and feedback talks. We will also partner with Betaworks, who are good friends and fellow travelers for some time. Betaworks will be helping us connect to the local ecosystem even more.
If you are a European technology startup looking to meet the creme-de-la-creme of the New York tech scene as mentors, or an East Coast based team looking to build bridges to Europe, this is the right event for you – apply now and let us know about your company. As always, we are looking for innovative internet tech, software, media, and mobile focused businesses, great teams with awesome founders, and slick products that add real value.
If you are as excited about our one day Seedcamp NYC as we are, apply and let other founders know about Seedcamp too. Deadline for applications is May 24, and we look forward to see what you are working on.
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