Cool news: Joel finds a co-founder

Follow up guest post from Joel Selvadurai:

It’s been almost a month since I posted my plea for potential co-founders to contact me.

I made posts on Facebook and also sifted through LinkedIn, but in fact, looking at my list of existing contacts proved more useful. After many coffee’s and Skype calls later I have found a fantastic co-founder, Jackson Tan. Jackson is a ruby on rails and general whizz kid with previous works including . Working with him over the last few weeks has already seen our idea Messagr evolve and change and I’m starting to see the immense the value of working with other (very bright) people. It was also interesting to note that I first met Jackson at OpenCoffee in London.

Generally, I think it’s hard to find a co-founder in London, but certainly not impossible. It is hard to find a person who is talented, personable and willing to give up their (stable) job to join a (risky) startup. Taking the leap and founding a startup is not as culturally accepted in Europe as it is in the US especially at such a young age. But hey, there have to be some people who start to change the culture!

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