DoorFeed Secures €12 Million To Institutionalise the European Residential Real Estate Sector

The increased demand for residential real estate across Europe and the recent correction in property prices provide an attractive investment environment for real estate investors. In particular for institutional investors who are shifting their attention from commercial real estate to residential real estate investments.

This is why we are excited to back DoorFeed, a real estate technology company founded by serial entrepreneur, early UBER employee, and longtime Seedcamp Mentor James Kirimy. Ideally positioned to support the industry through the current transition, the platform builds and manages customized portfolios of apartments, houses, and buildings.

DoorFeed leverages its full-stack servicing platform with a suite of integrated software dedicated to investment managers and their ecosystem (e.g., tenants, builders, solicitors, accountants, auditors) and a network of hundreds of local operating partners who work on-demand throughout the entire investment lifecycle – from due diligence to renovation and the day-to-day management of tenants and properties. The platform analyzes thousands of sources in real-time, uncovering 100,000 opportunities every day in the European residential sector. It then creates tailored portfolios of properties for institutional investors, handling everything from acquiring and renovating to managing their assets. 

Earlier this year DoorFeed supported the launch of the first French Private Equity fund specializing in single-family residential properties. Building on this significant milestone, the company aims to advance its platform capabilities, grow its operations in France, and prepare its expansion across Europe.

James Kirimy, founder and CEO of DoorFeed, highlights: 

“We’re on a mission to institutionalize the residential market across Europe by making it as easy to buy properties as it is to buy stocks to investment managers. We are focused on creating market-beating strategies with our clients and playing a leading role in addressing the housing crisis. The US market has been leading the way and investors are now looking to penetrate Europe.“

On our investment in DoorFeed, our Partner Sia Houchangnia comments:

“We have known James for over a decade and have always been impressed by his strong capabilities as an operator. The DoorFeed journey so far only highlights this further. James and his team have built a unique, full-stack platform that is revolutionizing the way institutional capital is deployed in the European real estate market. We are excited to continue supporting DoorFeed and to witness the strong momentum they are now gaining.“

We are excited to participate in DoorFeed’s €12 million Seed funding alongside Motive Venture and Stride. With the funding, the company plans to accelerate its growth to become the leading partner for institutional investors looking to deploy capital in the residential real estate market in its core French market and to prepare for its expansion across Europe.

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