FishBrain Raises $8 Million from Northzone to Boost its International Expansion



We are very happy to announce that FishBrain, the Swedish Seedcamp-backed “Facebook for Fishing” startup has recently closed a $8million (£5.1 million) round of funding from Northzone, Spotify’s biggest external stakeholder.

FishBrain is a social network and an app for the world’s biggest hobby – recreational fishing.

Their vision is to create an online community of fishing amateurs and, through the use of their data, provide tips and suggestions on how to get the best catch. Currently operating in Sweden, the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, FishBrain is planning to consolidate its presence in North America and Japan where fishing is one of the most common outdoor activity and has a long rooted tradition.

As Seedcamp’s Sia Houachingna remarks,“The angling market is huge and still is a massive untapped opportunity online. FishBrain is creating a community for millions of fishing enthusiasts. But what makes it truly unique, is that thanks to the massive amount of data they have already collected, FishBrain can now suggest to fishermen the best spots around them to get their dream catch at anytime.”

FishBrain became a Seedcamp-backed company back in February 2013, and we’re thrilled to see them expand its presence with this new funding.

Head over to their website!

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