Founder Q&A with Contingent Co-Founder & CEO Tai Alegbe

For the first time in decades, supply chain disruption has become a consumer concern. From access to vaccines and medicine to the availability of toilet paper, supply chain resilience has become a priority for enterprises, customers, and governments alike. 

Given this trend, we are excited to participate in the £1.7M seed funding round for Contingent, a supply chain risk solution that enables companies to detect, map, and monitor their supplier risk and operational resilience. Having backed the team at pre-seed in late 2019, we are thrilled about their growth to-date and their promising future to come. 

“We are building a business for the future. And it just so happened that the COVID pandemic has accelerated that future.”

Tai Alegbe, Co-Founder & CEO at Contingent 

In the midst of their raise, Seedcamp’s Kyran Schmidt snatched a few minutes with Contingent’s Co-Founder and CEO Tai Alegbe. Together, they dig into the Contingent story and discuss some of the upsides and challenges of fundraising in a remote-first world. If you are interested in joining the Contingent team or learning more about what they are building, visit

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