Funding Advice from Seedcamp Founders

As part of our new Advice from Founders video series, we’re pleased to share with you the second instalment. After focusing on what it’s like to be a Founder in our previous video, this time we’re talking about an issue that most startups worry about; fundraising. Whether it’s crowd sourced, seed raised, or borrowed from friends and family, raising the right amount of capital at the right time can be crucial to success.

As we know this issue is a contentious one, we asked some of our Founders to share their experiences. Here are 3 quotes from the video which you can watch below.

It’s important to build in small steps, but also demonstrate that you could become the biggest company in your industry


One of our staple customers,, we met at a Seedcamp event


The network is the most important asset for an entrepreneur…at Brainient we’ve raised two rounds and in both cases the investors were part of the Seedcamp network

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