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Slovenia is one of the statistically overrepresented countries in our portfolio – despite having only about 2 million inhabitants, we see a large number of applications for almost all Seedcamp events coming from there. By adding as a second Slovenian portfolio company in January, we also made sure our now partially New York based superstars from Zemanta don’t feel too lonely, either.

This is why we are excited to announce today that our next Mini Seedcamp (after our June Event in New York) will be in Ljubljana again, where we had a great time back in 2009. We expect applications from all over central Europe and the Balkans, so if you are working on a cool mobile or web application with a great business to be built, apply to be a part of Seedcamp Ljubljana. It is also one of the last chances to take part in Seedcamp Week in September, as there is no direct application process for our flagship event.

As always, we are more than happy to see fresh faces and new talent from all over the region, and encourage teams to apply even from further away. We’ve seen some great teams in our recent events from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and also places like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, and Serbia. Of course, our portfolio companies from Romania (Brainient and Ubervu) are working hard to keep our name on the streets, so we hope to attract some teams from further east as well.

While we did have some kick-ass panels during our recent events in Berlin and Stockholm, we opted to go for a different style of break: Fred Destin, Seedcamp Board member and Partner at Atlas Ventures will hold a masterclass on how companies evolve over the course of time, how the financing options and needs change, and how teams should strategically and operationally prepare.
Seedcamp Ljubljana will take place on July 14, and we are happy to announce that our portfolio companies Zemanta and, and the locals from D-labs will support us as sponsors. Apply here and let startups in your vicinity know about the event – we hope to find some great companies and teams to add to the Seedcamp Family again!
Apply Here.
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