Great news: We are all set up to celebrate and remix content at Seedhack 4.0

We are getting closer to our next big hackathon and we want to share some exciting news with you. Seedhack 4.0 will be hosted in Central Working at Google Campus in the heart of East London’s Tech City. This hackathon will run through the weekend from November 8-10th and is dedicated to Remixing Content.

We are happy to confirm that we’re bringing together many big and innovative players from different industries to speak, mentor and provide their APIs, and help you hone ideas to jumpstart your projects.

We have some great API presenters who will be showcasing their technologies, including:

…just to name a few and more to come.

We also have some great mentors coming to help the teams on their ideas including experienced folks from the Seedcamp network and from companies such as BBC News LabsBSkyB, Facebook, Getty Images, Harper Collins, Nokia UK and Twitter and Seedcamp teams such as BRANDiD,  Crowdprocess, SaberrStamplayStupeflix and Poq Studio. Our gratitude goes to the Seedhack sponsors who are making the whole event possible: BSkyBdomain.meFacebook, Getty Images, Nokia UK, Harper Collins, Rackspace and Google.

We also would like to thank Nokia UK, Getty Images and Moo for sponsoring prices. More will follow for sure! A big thank you also to Redbull for providing us with energy and to the young startup Mari for their delicious wine mix. And of course to Dominos UK for providing us with yummy slices and tons of Pizza. We would also like to thank Harper Collins who will be providing the drinks on Thursday evening and UK Hackathons and Jams for helping us promote our event.

It looks like nothing can stop us remixing content!

We are super happy with the number of sign-ups and all the feedback from you guys towards the entire event. We still have a number of spots available (especially for like-minded hackers!), so if you are interested in building a startups in a weekend, fill in this form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Seedhack at a glance

The idea behind Seedhack is to create new companies. As such, we are looking for people to come up with ideas over the weekend, rather than pitching an existing company’s idea. All roles are needed to build a successful company so we’re not just looking for developers but also for designers, marketers, product managers and biz dev folks to enable the startups to be formed.

The whole event is free and open to anyone interested in remixing all kind of content. We do however need to make sure that we have the correct ratio of skills so you can complete this form to express your interest. We’d love to have everyone attend but unfortunately space is limited so sign ups will be accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis. If we can’t accommodate you, we’ll let you know over email as we approach the date.

Practical details on the event

Seedhack will kick of with informal drinks on Thursday the 7th (free drinks!) and run officially from the evening of Friday the 8th until Sunday the 10th of November at Google Campus in London and will be a whirlwind weekend of brainstorming, hacking, product creation of course fun. The schedule of events will be further clarified at a later date, however the rough outline is as follows:

  • Thursday, 7th of November: in the evening we will have a casual, social get together for participants to meet before the event and start brainstorming ideas. location tba. drinks are on the house!

  • Friday, 8th of November: late afternoon Seedhack will start with talks, API presentations and then team formation. After team formation, the hacking can begin!

  • Saturday, 9th of November: hacking from early in the morning until late at night, mentors will be around to answer business and API related questions and provide feedback and guidance to your projects.

  • Sunday, 10th of November: will be our presentation event where all new companies will showcase their efforts.

Start thinking about cool ideas, tell your friends about the event and don’t forget to apply!

Any existing companies interested in being involved as mentors, sponsors or providing their API can get in touch via


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