Guest Post: Mini Seedcamp Istanbul: 30th of April

This is a guest post written by Yalim K. Gerger, Founder of Formspider, our Event Partner for Mini Seedcamp Istanbul on the 30th of April.


”If the whole world was a state, Istanbul would be the capital of it.” – Napoleon

Throughout its 3000 year history, Istanbul has hosted kings, sultans, queens, presidents, popes, an UEFA Cup Final, a historic Champions League Final, World Basketball Championships, Formula One Racing, Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, Michael Jackson and James Bond…Yet this global city has not, to this day, hosted a single Seedcamp event.

This is about to change.

On April 30th, the inaugural Mini Seedcamp Istanbul event will be held at the ITU University Maslak Campus KSB Auditorium.

Turkey has a fledgling startup community with over 200 companies registered on AngelList. Its ecosystem of entrepreneurs, VC’s, incubators, mentors and angels is growing quickly. There are plenty of national and international success stories such as Yemek Sepeti, Gitti Gidiyor, Markafoni and Peak Games to encourage and signal to everyone in the community that a very bright future can be real and achievable.

Seed capital with international mentorship and networking opportunities is the missing key element for our young local startups with global ambitions to succeed. This is why the Mini Seedcamp Istanbul event is very important for our ecosystem and why we’re very excited to be a part of this inaugural event.

So without further ado, below are the list of amazing startups that are selected to participate in the first Mini Seedcamp Istanbul:

  • Bacikalfa  – Helping families and care providers to meet.
  • Cardino – Send real postcards with AR videos anywhere, anytime.
  • CoContest – Crowdsourcing for Interior Design.
  • Countly – Open source, real-time analytics for mobile apps.
  • Gowime – Travel Social Network.
  • (SocialCloud) – Social media content based travel platform.
  • Picus Security – A completely new type of product for assessing and monitoring IT security controls.
  • Referbase – Skill-based social network.
  • Turgezgini – Customizable booking for tours and tourist activities.
  • ZulaMobile – Mobile App Creator.

Beware, they might just disrupt the market you are in.

Yalim K. Gerger Founder Formspider

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