Guest Post: Seedcamp: a developmental platform, not only for startups but also for Interns

Kristoffer Parup writes about his experience interning at Seedcamp. He shares some valuable insights what it’s like to be a part of the Seedcamp Team and shares where others before him have gone. 


Growth is the essential part of advancing from A to B. Be it linear growth, exponential growth or even unpredicted explosive growth, the positive forward-moving momentum set about by successfully encountering new challenges (or opportunities) is critical for advancement. After all, it is what drives companies, sectors, economies – and people.

Seedcamp creates opportunity for growth. The startups that join the Seedcamp Family will be presented with a wide set of opportunities that, if seized, will result in growth – as underlined in the recent infographic displaying the results of 6 years dedication to growing companies.

What only a smaller group of people know is that Seedcamp also presents opportunities for growing as an individual by offering two internship positions. The Seedcamp Team consists of five people, and the two additional intern seats are therefore not only an integral part the team but also a factor for how Seedcamp operates. As an intern at Seedcamp you will – much like the startups in the portfolio – mature during your time at Seedcamp.

The maturation process The maturation process starts with a trial by fire first few days, where you are introduced to all the activities going on at Seedcamp. Being a global organization with strong ties across Europe and in the US, there are several logistical conundrums that need to be managed from day 1. Out of personal experience, it is never good to wear white gloves (in any situation), and getting your hands as dirty as possible is essential for getting up to speed.

Spending time as an Intern at Seedcamp will teach you to think on your feet. There is not much holding hands, some nudging, and generally an expectation of a self-driven work ethic to get the job done. In short: an entrepreneurial approach: figure out what works. This approach allows you as an intern to get involved in the various different aspects of working in a globally connected seed investment and mentoring program. Events: Mini Seedcamps, Seedcamp Weeks, Seedhacks, mentoring, deal flow, reviewing applications, tech trends and market research etc. are all things you can choose to get involved in. You can get your hands as dirty as you like – it is great!

Where are Seedcamp’s past interns now? The talented young individuals who have interned at Seedcamp, have all moved on in various different directions.

Everything from product management and development, Michael Orland at Songkick, Sander Saar at AOL, and David Fauchier at JustYoyo, the VC and startup industry Ricardo Sequerra at Seedrs and Vincent Jacobs at Kima Ventures, to founding their own companies: Azmat Yusuf founded the super useful Citymapper  and Fred Stevens-Smith CEO of Rainforest. Ahmad Bakhiet is currently part of Startup Chile and Naza Metghalchi recently joined one of London’s most exciting companies Onefinestay.

As I depart from my position as Intern at Seedcamp, I will move on to developing projects with Monocle.

Why you should intern at Seedcamp Apart from more obvious reasons such as a general interest in the startup/VC world, the greatest thing about interning at Seedcamp is the massive exposure to new and disruptive ideas and businesses that comes through the door at Google Campus. The environment, the people you meet and the sheer number of intelligent minds that surrounds you on a daily basis is incredible.

Interning at Seedcamp gives you an opportunity to help companies grow – moreover, the chance for you to grow and explore how and where you want to grow. It is the place where you can start something new – whether it is a business or your direction.

How to Apply? Apply here before the 1st December:

Previous Seedcamp Interns  Azmat Yusuf: Founder Citymapper Ahmad Bakhiet: Managed several academic entrepreneurial societies and events. David Fauchier: Product Designer JustYoyo Fred Stevens-Smith: Founder of Rainforest Jakob Marovt: Various freelance projects in the startup community Kristoffer Parup: Business Development for Monocle Michael Orland: Business Operations Director Songkick Naza Metghalchi: Planner at Onefinestay Ricardo Sequerra: Business Development and Startup Community Manager at Seedrs Sander Saar: Product Manager at AOL Vincent Jacobs: Associate at Kima Ventures

Current Seedcamp Interns

Felix Meissner, Student at University College Dublin/ CEMS MiM

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