Help is a 2-way street

I’ve been reading a few posts lately from Sarah Lacy or Paul Jozefak about how tough it is for startups in Europe. While I agree that startups need easier fundraising opportunities, I also think the ball is in our court, this goes for Seedcamp companies as well as all the other startups.

We’re not doing enough to share learnings, reach out to each other, and generally take time out to help the many people and companies that help us. I think it’s a huge disservice European startups are doing to themselves and I don’t understand why this is. I also believe it’s one of the key ingredients in creating a tighter community and ultimately lowering the hurdles towards executing and iterating faster – another key advantage I see from Valley companies over those in Europe.

There are some notable exceptions like Moo , Songkick , Zemanta , Ubervu so big thanks to you guys. But all in all, thinking beyond one’s own startup is in high order.

So, here’s a call out to European startups to set a better example. We’ve created a Business tools Wiki to help startups in Europe, US, or anywhere really to put up content that they used themselves and found very useful. The idea is for you guys to help each other and therefore hopefully shorten the learning curve on using some very beneficial tools. So, please do use it and the more you contribute the better it will be for you!

Otherwise, would be happy to hear thoughts from you on whether you agree or you think I’m off the mark.

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