The Future of Financial Reporting — Our Investment in Liveflow

Building a company isn’t straightforward. One of the many issues for companies is financial reporting, a notoriously manual, time-consuming, and error-prone task. The co-founders of LiveFlow, combining their backgrounds from Revolut and Web Summit, have teamed up to help businesses connect real-time data from Excel, Google Sheets, banks, accounting, and revenue platforms in a matter of seconds. This is all presented in a live dashboard shareable across an organisation. We’re really excited to join Y Combinator in backing the team to make financial management and transparency available for everyone. “Budgeting and understanding real-time financial data is a challenge for any business,” remarks Seedcamp Partner Tom Wilson. “We’re excited about the potential for Liveflow’s connected spreadsheet to address this pain point. Experience gained at startups such as Revolut gives the founding team the perfect basis to attack this massive market”.

LiveFlow co-founders (left to right): CEO Lasse Kalkar, Founding Engineer Evan O’Brien, and COO Anita Koimur

One of the things that struck us about LiveFlow is the team’s philosophy around maintaining a strong company culture from day one (you can find more on their culture here!).

“We focus on natural strengths because we strongly believe that the best way to achieve high performance is to enjoy work every day,” Co-Founder Anita Koimur comments.

LiveFlow is currently expanding the team starting with Product Design talent. We decided to team up with them to share their recruitment process and their unusual approach.


1. Intro call 

2. Design Review 

3. FirstMind Talent Test 

4. Career history interview 

5. Final Interview

Interestingly, LiveFlow adopted a data-driven approach, using FirstMind to understand each candidate’s top talents. The results allow LiveFlow to put their employees in a position to maximize their strengths and have an open forum on how to collaborate with each other. LiveFlow tailors people’s talents to the job they will be doing so that person thrives and performs their best. 

There are 34 talents in total attributed to a person. These natural talents are consistent patterns of thoughts and behaviours that define where a person sources their energy from and what brings them joy. By taking a deep dive into what makes them tick, LiveFlow is able to match their talents with a position that suits both parties best. For example, a person with talents such as Empathetic, Innovative and Problem-Solving would probably love a challenging role that involves talking to customers and coming up with solutions. 

But how do the test results help with day-to-day work for two different people? There are two different members of the team:

Person A: Problem Solver, Targeted, Competitive

Person B: Analytical, Thinking, Contextual

This translates into a series of traits that help with finding the perfect fit for the candidate:

1. Person A is driven by having a clear goal (Targeted)

2. Person A is driven by solving new problems at all times and most likely at high speed (Problem-Solver)

3. Person A is driven by winning (Competitive)

4. Person B is driven by crunching numbers, understanding data and making thought-through decisions (Analytical & Thinking)

5. Person B is driven by the context of a situation and seeing the full picture before things are done (Contextual)

This information helps LiveFlow place both candidates in roles that work to their strengths and keep them engaged with each other. Person A might enjoy executing, solving new tasks, and get things done at lightning speed. Person B, on the flip side, will play better as the solid analytical, numbers-driven deep thinker to make an informed decision. 

LiveFlow uses the test as a guiding framework but performs it during the hiring process to comprehend how the team dynamics will potentially play out.  

Want to join the team? Check out their current openings here! Interact with them on their hiring process by sending an email to or tweet @liveflow_io.

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