IBM teams up with Seedcamp to make a Smarter Planet

Introducing “SmartCamp

Seedcamp’s model of accelerating web startups’ growth focuses on mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, and seed investment. It has proven successful over the past three years with the 21 Seedcamp companies building some great businesses, such as ERPLY, MyBuilder and Plink. So why not apply this model to building clean energy technologies and smarter cities? This is what IBM’s SmartCamp seeks to achieve. Given the analogous approach Seedcamp is helping IBM’s initiative by using the knowhow and systems we have developed that helped to make Seedcamp so successful.

Here is some more information from SmartCamp on what they are aiming to do and how to apply.

Smartcamp is focused on start-ups who are active in areas like energy, water management, transportation, healthcare, etc. Anywhere software and technology can be used to make our systems more intelligent. A good example is a city. Think about how technology can reduce energy waste, improve traffic flows reduce water leaks, or improve public safety in your city. These are just some examples however these solutions based on software, sensors and cloud computing can apply to many areas. We have found the most exciting start-ups in diverse areas like forestry (Treemetrics) and waste management (Green Diamond) last year.

SmartCamp is being rolled out in 7 cities in 2010. Each event is similar to a mini seedcamp with some minor changes. In each location, five companies will be selected to spend one day networking with 25 world-class entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. Selected companies will be invited to the global finals week to be held in Nov.

What’s in it for you?

SmartCamp aims to accelerate the expansion and internationalization of promising companies and has successfully
achieved this in the past.

We do this a number of ways. Firstly, selected companies receive 12 week mentoring were we identify all the appropriate resources IBM has in terms of technology, marketing and go-to-market. Secondly, via our Venture Capital team we work with leading investors. As an example, last year 80% of selected companies received funding or investment offers from our partners.

In addition, these events will be covered by leading press which will offer the companies great visibility and exposure. We are also working with many of the companies as both go-to-market partners and reference customers.

In Europe we are partnering with a number of leading groups including Seedcamp, Kauffman Fellows, Innovate100, Enterprise Ireland, and STING to name but a few.

What types of start-ups are we looking for?

SmartCamp is interested in early stage technology companies who are helping to build a Smarter Planet – this includes:

• Networking and Mobility
• Enterprise Software Applications
• Internet & SAAS
• Cloud and IT infrastructure
• Healthcare & IT related
• Analytics and Modelling
• Energy efficiency and Smart buildings
• Carbon and Water management
• Transportation systems
• Smart Cities including – transportation, education, and public safety
• Risk management

Presenting companies will be at the seed or start-up stage. In all cases the process is open to companies with revenues
less than $1m in the last 12 months.

Next Steps – Apply today

Smartcamp is now open – the deadline for the first applications is 10th May where the event will be held on the 20th May in Stockholm. Register here.

Additional locations include:

Stockholm 20th May
Boston 3rd June
Tel Aviv 24th June
London: 21st July
Silicon Valley: 8th Sept
Paris: 16th Sept
Dublin: 15th Nov

Note: deadline is typically 10-14 days before the event

More info and examples read here.

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